Gears Vibration Analysis

Gears are critical element in a variety of industrial applications such as machine tool and gearboxes.The main parts of the gearbox are the gears, shafts, bearings, housing, and the outside of the gearbox clutches and couplings. The gears are machine elements that transmit motion by means of successively engaging teeth. The transformation of speed is without slip and loss of synchronization. Thus, the relationship between the angular velocities of the driving gear to the driven gear, or the velocity ratio, of a pair of mating teeth results from the number of teeth of the driving and driven gear.

Common Gear Faults are

Tooth Meshing Faults


Cracked or Broken Tooth of either Gear

Eccentricity and Backlash

Cost for Analysis

Analysis Mode
Cost(Per Point)
Cost(Per Image/Graph)
Analysis Time
Indicative Analysis
3 Days
3 Days