High Frequency Defects Analysis

Analysis for high frequency defects is also very complex in rolling elements, gears and current motor.

VibExchange helps you to reduce the problems of Motor Current

Detect Brocken/Cracked Rotor Bars

Detect Loose Rotor Bar Joints

Faults of Eccentric Rotor

Detect Stator Eccentricity,Soft Foot Shorted Stator Laminations

Detect Grounding Fault or Tuning Fault

Detecting Phase Loss

VibExchange offers online vibration analysis for High frequency Defects.In our Online Analysis Method we provide feature to upload your machine data. VibExchange provide depth vibration analysis on your machinery using our offline advanced vibration analyzer software. Also we provide system generated different different kind of reports.

Cost for Analysis

Analysis Mode
Cost(Per Point)
Cost(Per Image/Graph)
Analysis Time
Indicative Analysis
3 Days
3 Days