Motor Current Analysis

Motor Current Signature Analysis is the online analysis of current to detect faults in a single/three phase induction motor drive while it is still operational and in service. The possible defects caused in motor current signature is Broken Rotor Bar, Numerous Broken Bar, Stator Core and Winding Damage, Broken and Damaged Bars and Core Damage due to excessive heating, Abnormal Airgap Eccentricity and certain mechanical problems train characteristics.

Problems of Motor Current

Broken/Cracked Rotor Bars

Loose Rotor Bar Joints

Faults of Eccentric Rotor

Stator Eccentricity,Soft Foot Shorted Stator Laminations

Grounding Fault or Tuning Fault

Phase Loss

Cost for Analysis

Analysis Mode
Cost(Per Point)
Cost(Per Image/Graph)
Analysis Time
Indicative Analysis
3 Days
3 Days